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Law & Disorder

Lawmakers are at it again. This time, their latest idea would be to allow military people to drink alcoholic beverages at the age of 19. Now, of course this is shaky ground, because it’s founded on a few principals. One side asks, “If I’m old enough to die for my country, why am I not old enough for a beer?” After all, a good percentage of the military folks know how to use a deadly weapon by 16 years of age(hunters, urban warfare and southerners with too much free time), and are fully trained by the age of 18. These kids are fully prepared to take the life of another human at the drop of a hat, yet aren’t trusted to drink to assist in stress relief.

Then again, another side of me says that these young military bucks aren’t trained to think. They’re trained like a dog to attack, sit, sleep, and eat all of their kibble on command. I remember being 18 and at 22, I know I’m much different then I was back then. However, this is still a slippery slope because it simply balances on a blanket punishment of those few who have ruined it for everyone.
To me, this is just another marketing strategy. “Hey kids! Wanna drink at 19? Then join the military and die for your country!” If they want to lower the drinking age, then they should simply lower the age for everyone. After all, this is a country of equal opportunity *snicker* right? I’m sure there are a few people out there saying that ‘military personnel’ aren’t civilians and should have some special privileges. Well, if I was 19 and was suckered into the military, I’d gladly wave my ‘privilege’ to drink for something useful, say, a pay raise? Maybe more college credits? How about a bigger college grant?
Besides, there’s 2 things lawmakers are overlooking. First, regardless of the age limit, someone will still manage to bypass the system and drink. I had plenty of friends who were about 15 years old and drinking. Secondly, and most importantly, with America being so eager to send troops to other countries to invade . . .er . . . to promote democracy, lawmakers forget that most European countries have lax, or even no drinking laws to begin with.

Another thing on this ‘lawmaker’ issue would be the newest prank played by the United States; “Click it, or Ticket”. All across America, patrol officers are pulling people over and handing people expensive tickets for not wearing a seat belt.

Drinking and Driving is a bad idea. This I can understand because when someone is behind the wheel of a several ton machine flying down the road at over 60 miles per hour, drunk off of his ass, more then the driver is at risk. However, not wearing a seat belt, in the long run, only injures oneself. So my question is, why are we being fined for something that does not affecting anyone except the person doing it? This isn’t a drug issue (though I still say legalize some drugs and just tax the living piss out of it), nor is it an issue of harming others. So what if Jim-Joe-Bob wants to drive like he’s in NASCAR and doesn’t wear a seat belt? He hits a pole, flies out of his seat through the front window and dies. Oh well, his loss. Again, this is simply another strategy to get money, and validate searches.

First, the money generated by these petty crimes get turned back into revenue for the city. I guess I’m in favor of money going to police, fire and medical equipment, but more times then not this extra money goes into someone’s pocket who then disappears to a tropical resort for a month long vacation, and of course, calls it a business meeting.

Secondly, this allows more police officers to randomly stop and search people. Random stops will occur, and even if someone is wearing their belt, an officer can easily say, “From where I was sitting, it didn’t look like it was on.” Can we guess who’s word the court is gonna take? This’ll allow more cops to make more stops, and if the officer is creative enough, come up with a legitmate enough reason why the vehicle was searched.

I can’t complain overly much about the later issue though. Personally I’d allow random stops and searches for anything simply because if you have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t be an issue. Reminder to readers here… I do not believe in democracy when it comes to national security. Just like communism looks like a great idea on paper, it simply doesn’t work with humans because of a little thing called ‘free will’.

Now this is where I’m going to tie everything in. For years I’ve dreamt of becoming a police officer. Hell, the name FoxFuzz even refers to ‘Police’, seeing as ‘Fuzz’ is an old term for police. However, as I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve realized this dream’ll never come true. My physical stature for starters, is a major drawback for a cop that stands at 5’4’’, 120lbs isn’t all that intimidating. Also, with my life taking a change of pace with marriage and waiting for Kota to decide on where we’re going to live, I really can’t start a career until she figures out where she is going to grad school for her doctorate.

I think the most important part though, has been my change of views on the way things are run. New laws are springing up and I simply can not bring myself to enforce half of these bullshit orders handed down by some numb nuts who create new rules to limit the freedom in America. President Bush, for whatever he’s worth, makes strides in other countries to promote freedom, while Americans loose theirs. Last time I checked, the major issue in Texas was limiting the amount of ‘sexual behavior’ in cheerleading. No mention of Oil, Education, Welfare, Health Care or Environmental conditions. Just concerned with putting a ban on girls bouncing around with pom-poms to music.

I simply can’t bring myself to enforce laws I don’t agree with. I understand laws ARE needed to maintain order. It’s a basic rule in sociology. However, today’s attempt to maintain order has become a game of politics, lawyers and bribery. The entire system is too corrupt for me to progress in. I’ll never be able to be promoted within the ranks. And as for staying a beat cop, I’m too small of a dog to simply enjoy the chase without worrying about what happens after the bad guy’s caught.

So, it’s back to soul searching I go. Maybe I’ll go back to my roots and go to college for psychology, or perhaps to culinary school. Hell, even bartending classes are looking appealing. I’ll figure it out later. I’m only 22 and have my entire life ahead of me. I can’t slack off forever, but I’m not in a hurry to go nowhere.

~Gabriel R. (FoxFuzz)

To Thurl Ravencroft, voice of Tony the Tiger, you’ll be missed. There are fewer joys greater then the smile of a child.
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