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20+ days later, and still kickin'.

Ok, so maybe I've been a bad boy and not kept this thing updated like I said I would, but hey, I've been busy. Good thing too, cause a bit has happened in those days.

First and foremost, I regret saying I didn't get the promotion at Best Buy. There are a few complications in the grand scheme of things, some on my behalf, the rest on theirs, but all in all, I've gotten a major cut in hours as well the lack of a possible raise. Still stuck at ?.?? an hour. Yes, notice the one '?' after the decimal. So, work has almost instantly gone from exciting and motivating, to stagnant and boring, with no real potential for me. Go figure, eh?

I did take the Firefighter’s test though, and I'm rather confident that I should hear from them in the near future. My primary worry is the Physical test, as I've never been a man of much stature, and more of wit and reaction.

Finally, some good news! I attended a NERO Midwest event, as my PC; "Dusty Moongazer" and had an absolute blast. I'll attribute a fair chunk of that to the fact that my 'ex' wasn't present, but I would hate to take the credit away from plot, staff, and the other players who welcomed my return as Dusty. I've spent the past 8 or so months as a Scholar, meaning I run around and heal people rather then really fighting. However, at that event, I got to become a rogue again, the class I've been playing for the better part of 6 years now. It felt good to fight . . . to run . . to duck, dodge, leap and even impress my peers with little feats of dexterity. Even though Gabe is far from being Gabe again, Dusty was Dusty, and Gabe had fun channeling that energetic personality into a game I still love to play.

My fears though, are with the upcoming event, where I'm sure both my ex and her new interest will be present. The campsite is tiny, and unless I'm sitting in the woods all weekend, will encounter the both of them on either level of in or out of game. I just need to remember to be the bigger man, and need to remember that I had already called them both out, and received no responses from either of them. I pointed my finger, as well as shined the spotlight on the situation, and both roaches scurried into the shadows. I need to remember that I'll be alright, and even though it still hurts, she's the one who lost out on 'a love as true as mine.'

I just need to keep telling myself that. Maybe I'll eventually believe it.
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