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The lines are drawn . . .

. . . and it's time for war!

Ha! So I'm doin pretty well, which is a bit strange for me. I wasn't going to do a journal update in a good mood cause . . . well hell . . . I'm in a good mood and can do other things, but looking back at all the drama I've contributed to on the LiveJournal community, I figured a happy post is in order.

Why am I happy? Well, can't say it's happy, but a good mood. I've begun to draw the battle lines and begun to look at those people in my life who were with me, who only commented from the side lines, and who were against me. To you out there, I say Fuck You, and can only grin when I know that your time will indeed come. Oh no, I'm not going to name names because if you even wonder, 'Hey, am I on that list?' odds are, you are! To those of you who I can call friends, and to those who I've leaned upon and even carried me... and I mean well before the split between the little brat and I, I say thank you, and my eternal gratitude is yours. Not to mention an angry little Irish man who'll fight tooth and nail for ya if need be.

But, Gabe, why make this post if you are in a good mood?

Simple and hoenst question really, but the answer is just as simple. I've put a few things in my life in order, and even though, "I can't lie, you know I cry, when I think of how it used to be, I keep my friends with me, and I stay busy even though I don't get much sleep....

That's how I'm doin' since you did what you've d-d-done to me."


Oh, shit... I need a moral or some sort of emotional delema for the closing argument on this thing.

Fate is a cruel mistress and Luck is a fickle bitch. I'm a stubborn asshole though, so I'll start making my own luck.

Gabriel Rodriguez.
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