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The Chain Reaction

Interlinking me to you, to them, to us.

Off the cuff . .
I have to admit, when I usually make a Live Journal Update, I tend to type it out in word first, read over it to make sure it makes sense, then post it up. I do this to avoid ramblings, remarks I will regret saying and of course spelling errors!

Today's update however, it totally off the cuff simply because I'm bored, and am in the process of eating last night's Olive Garden (Sausage & Peppers Rustica).

On June 12th, In the eyes of whatever church dwelling diety that is so bored that he or she wishes to watch this little planet of earth, I got married. Kota's mother is a religious . .well . .more like a fanitical blade wielding zealot, but we did the church wedding to appease her and whatever god she believes in. It was then I realized, seeing her cry at the wedding, that no matter what else happens in the world, in the eys of her god, and in her faith, Kota and myself are married. There were no papers signed or rings exchanged, but for her, it was the real thing. It was then I realized that I disreguarded my morals and principals for her, and couldn't be happier.

Sometimes, to win the war you need to loose a battle. Hell, you might even just need to fake a loss just to get the ultimate prize in the end. Not saying Kota's a prize, but as well meaning as her parents are, they enjoy letting me know what they think of me.

So now, I have some 10 days before the offical wedding that will be reconized by the state, and I'm just floating. I'm not overly happy, but I'm not upset. I'm just .. trying to get by, in hopes things go smoothly and then I can start living my life again. Believe me, the planning, preperations and other B.S> has been nothing but a headache.

So, right now, I'm just surviving. All of my friends have been put on the back burner. My Work has been put back there, as well as any social life as well. I apologize for disappearing on everyone, but hopefully soon, everyone's favorite little smart ass will be back.

I hope anyway . . .