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The Chain Reaction

Interlinking me to you, to them, to us.

Not even a year gone by and. . .
Ka-Boom! I guess this little post is going to serve multiple functions in what's been going on in my little life. Thanks to wlfdog and her posts on looking back at her life, I decided to let everyone who even glances this way know that I'm still alive, and Slowly getting back on my feet. Also, the attached segment below is to also help quell the slew of rumors floating around about my short-lived marriage; rumors ranging from abuse, neglect, and even threatening lives. This was orignally written as an E-Mail to about 25 of my friends, as well as the 'guilty' parties, as a telling of my side of things to, more or less, bullet-proof myself from character assassination. Oh, and for those who are wondering, yes 'Kota' is just a nickname. I used her real name, Susan, for the sake of getting a point across.

A Letter To AllCollapse )