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The Chain Reaction

Interlinking me to you, to them, to us.

Writing is good for the sole.
The good news is, I'm working a metric fuck-ton of hours. Yes, I'm still working for Best Buy, and they're already talking about giving me a promotion to a Sr.Invintory Specialist, seemingly because I've a firm grasp on the computer system, and I've displayed some quality 'leadership characteristics'. Funny too, seeing as I've been at the lowest point in my life, where my self esteem has been utterly crushed.

I am doing well though, and have been writing when I'm not on my feet, hence the title of this LJ post. (Just in case some of you slower types didn't get it by now.) I've work in about 5 hours, but wanted to make a quick post to everyone out there, letting ya'll know yer not forgotten, and that I've just been really busy, seeing as I have put my work at the #1, #2 and #3 priorities in my life. Also, wish me luck. On May 26th, I take the Firefighter/EMT test for Chicago.

As for the writing portion of this Journal Update....

I've completed a song. I'm still in the process of Hammering out the fine tuning and note changes and what not, but I'm pretty proud of the lyrics. Yes, It is in a country music format, seeing I was raised on it, and still absolutely love it. If yer interested, click below and it'll take you to it. If not? Well, I guess I'll just see ya'll next post!

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