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The Chain Reaction

Interlinking me to you, to them, to us.

A thousand years in the making...
Ok, so maybe it isn’t a thousand years in the making, but it sure in the hell feels like it’s been a thousand years since I updated this thing. I stated it more then once in my live Journals that I was going to refrain from Drama as much as possible and focus on things that are not only important but also funny, and gods willing have a lesson to be learned. Of course, I’ll try to wrap things up with one of those nearly unanswerable questions my LJ’s are famous for.

First, I guess I should back track a bit and just mention some of the crap that’s been goin’ on in the past few months. Sometime back in the winter, I picked up the computer game “World of Warcraft” which has honestly became my primary hobby. I know very few people in this hell-hole of a city called Milwaukee, and because anyone else I give the slightest rats ass about lives more then an hour or two away from me, it’s difficult to do much else other then sit indoors with my lovely wife to be and play video games. Of course, I’m not going to lie and say I’ve become hooked to the game and realize it’s become less of a video game and much more like a hobby. Thankfully, I’ve met a good group of people who I’m in the same guild with and we talk nearly every night on TeamSpeak. On May 7th, Kota and I met up with this group of people, who of course, live an hour and a half away, and had a hell of a BBQ.
I’ve learned that Tequila, unlike most drinks, tastes worse the more you have.

The other thing that has been hanging over my head has been this wedding. June 25th is just around the corner and still people are saying that time is crawling. If this is true, then I must be running backwards, because I’m still so far behind it’s not even funny. Everything is just being handled a little bit at a time, because our wedding planner (the one we got with the resort deal) has done nothing but contradict everything Kota and I wanted in the first place. Thankfully I pride myself on being an Asshole, so yelling at these overpaid people was a dream come true for me. Then again, do I ever need an excuse to yell?

So why the LJ update? Well, I’ve neglected many of my friends as of late, mostly my online friends but lots of my family friends as well. What time I’m not spending at work, which is now from 4am to 1pm (No more 3rd shift, but oi mornings are brutal), I’m spending on World of Warcraft, wedding plans and just managing time to try to be sociable by going to NERO, or BBQ’s. So, I want to start off with an apology to those who I’ve seemingly ignored as of late. Namely Matt W., Jessie T Wolf, and Dan S.

Ok, and now for the juicy stuff.

Jewel, a chain of grocery stores in the midwest owned by Albertsons, is a place I often shop. Their prices arn't anything special, but their specials are over the top. Full boxes of cereal, on sale for like five for ten bucks. Ice Cream bars? A box of twelve for a buck ninty-nine. However, as of late they've been pushing their latest ad, "Jewel - Osco; Making your life easier."
Now, the paper or plastic debate is one that's been goin on for quite a many year. You have the one side who are concerned about kids and animals choking on the plactic bags. They fret about it tasking up space in landfills (which is another crock of shit I won't go into) and worry about the other dangers a piece of plastic has when left attended to.
Then you have the other side who are trying to save the trees . . man. Like, totally saving the innocent little pine trees from the evil ways of the man . .man. Like, woah . .trees make paper which make bags right? Duuuude, like, stop the rainforest man! Er, Stop tearing it down man! Woah, rock on.
Of course, you have the 3rd group that brings their own canvas bags, but those people tend to be homemakers, old people or very anally retentave.
To make a bit of a short story shorter, Today I had to lug home 10 paper bags filled with heavy groceries, which tore through the bags before I even got them out of the trunk. Meanwhile, in big bold letters on the side of these torn grocery bags, are the words, "Making Your Life Easier." So, I am currently writing Jewel-Osco a nice little letter, not about me having to lug paper bags home, but rather a lesson in Truth in Advertising. They should simply change the lettering on the bags to, "Because we're too cheap for plastic."

At least then, when my groceries spill down the stairs, I'll remember that I thought it was a good idea to save 33 cents on a pie, when I'll only be able to eat the bottom third, only because when it fell down the stairs, it soon became the top third.

~Gabriel R.
FoxFuzz (Kitsune)
Twitch [WoW] (Gnome Rogue)

A month of nothing and then . . .

Isn’t it amusing how the long and winding road that is life, is as interesting as the flatlands of Kansas(or as interesting as their music), when all of a sudden, BOOM!, you dive nose first into the ocean(anything west of the Rockies is wasted space anyway). So, today’s little journal update is going to be a doozey because . . . well . . . I was too lazy to update earlier.

First and foremost, I need to mention the Midwest Fur Fest. I need to say thanks again to my good friend Jessie T. Wolf, for her company, and just being my buddy. Hey, who says Ex’s (though now I’m just a ‘Z’ because it’s a cooler letter then ‘X’) have to hate each other? It was good to see her and I was amazed to see how much her art has improved over the years. I remember her saying just 2 years back she’d never be good enough to sit in the “Artist’s Alley”, and here she is, at MFF, one of the top 10 there. Next, there was someone who I can say playfully, “I fan-boy her art.” Frisket17. I say “playful fan-boy” because I love her stuff, but refuse to get all gushy and freaky stalker on her(which tends to be the popular pastime of fan-boys). Her style is quite unique, and seems to have a ‘soft curve’ to each piece of her work. Anyway, this may be a shameless plug, but I advise checking her art out. Anyway, I need to say thanks to her and her boy-toy for inviting me along to their private dinner. Much food, Much good times, and Much good company. Yay.
Also, to my ‘date’ for the weekend, Dani, thanks again. The company was appreciated and I’m glad you even got into the spirit of the convention. Next time, there’ll be much more of the drinking. *Grins*

Next up, would be me getting sick. Now I normally don’t like drawing attention . . well, I don’t like drawing sympathy (I love attention) to myself, but Oi, I’ve felt like crap the past few weeks. It’s hard to explain, but it feels like I’m about to come down with the flu, but not got it yet. I have a very mild fever, accompanied by a minor headache, but the killer part of everything is, utter listlessness. I’ve been sleeping for 10 to 13 hours a day, and waking up exhausted. I’m worried because I have a big physical exam for the Police Department on December 11, and I’ve been feeling like this for a bit too long. I’m taking vitamins again, and even doing some minor work out just to see if I’m being lazy, and still no change. Should I see a doctor, or just let whatever my problem is just, subside?

I guess another big issue would be the wedding. Seems like Kota has taken the liberty to smooth things over with her mother at my expense. Only way her mother will be happy (and continue paying for Kota’s schooling/ wedding/other half of the rent) is that we are married in, not just any, but her church. Kota, of course, broke down because she has no choice really. School is simply too expensive. Now, all the blame lays on my shoulders if I decide to tell her mother that I simply refuse to get married in a church. I’m not a religious person, and in fact, I consider myself an “Atheist Light”. You know, all the Atheism, and half the care. So now I need to confront the woman and tell her I refuse to compromise myself on her behalf. I refuse to lie before anyone’s belief, saying I’m taking someone I love in ‘god’s’ name. Sorry, not going to happen. Am I being greedy though? Should I drop my personal beliefs and give up myself for the sake of making things easier between Me, Kota and her mother? Or should I not compromise myself in this situation, and tell her mother how I really feel, and hope she understands and not take away Kota’s funding(which would entail me calling her bluff)?

And finally, World Of Warcraft. Holy crap it’s an addicting game. Has a bit many bugs and the lag is craptastic at the moment I will admit, but overall, the game is simply fantastic. Cartoonish graphics give the developers free reign to add what they like, and at the same time, they give everyone enough realism to make you feel part of the game. I’ve been trying to refrain from playing all day though, because I know it’ll make me lazier then I normally am, and honestly, I don’t want to turn into the robot I was when I was playing Dark Age of Camelot. Sleep, Work, Eat, DAoC. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

So, this is what’s been going on in the past few weeks. I had a party on the day after Thanksgiving, and aside from 3 of my dishes being ruined (Stuffing, Candied Yams and Creamed Cauliflower) the dinner was pretty good. I may do it again next year, and try to invite some of my far-away friends (Hint Hint, Wink Wink, Jessie n’ 2). For now, I’m going to try to rest up, take a small amount of medication (even though I believe I should let my body fight it off) and hope I became the brash, loud, annoying, but loyal and honest friend people come to love and hate me for.


(no subject)
I almost wanted to avoid doing a little rant on the ole LiveJournal here today, simply because this whole line of ranting falls into the category I vowed not to put into my Journal about a year ago. I vowed not to fill it with one liners and stuff like, “I’m bored today,” or “Why doesn’t anyone like me?” I also made an effort to keep my posts informative and make room for discussion, although I am guilty of flying off the handle on a few occasions. So I planned on avoiding this topic because it would be too easy for me to resort to cursing and swearing and the like. However, while in my fit of disgust and political outrage, I decided to create an ‘I’m away” message for my instant messenger program. It reads something like this.

Wow, it seems this country has its head up its ass further then I thought.
“Don’t draft me into your war”
Bush/Cheney/Hitler ‘08
“Because 8 years just isn’t enough time to fuck up the world.”
(And the reason for this Journal Update)
“On the bright side, I no longer have to mourn for the soldiers who die in Iraq, for it is clear they wish to be there.”

An acquaintance of mine, someone who I’ve talked to on a few occasions, decided to send me an Instant Message just before I needed to leave for work, questioning my feelings about my last statement. I think he was trying to back me into a corner and paint me as ‘Un-American” or at the least, give him some reason as to why I’m evil or just an asshole. Sadly, 15 minutes wasn’t enough time to discuss views, and I realized, this would make a perfect LiveJournal rant!

He asked if I truly felt this way about American soldiers. As we all can tell from the election, it’s quite clear that Bush not only won by electoral vote (the electoral college is full of shit anyway) but by popular vote as well. To me, that means that America has spoken, and wishes for Bush to lead the country into 4 more years of war against terror, homosexuality, and social security.

When the War on Iraq was first engaged, America was torn, for the facts that instigated the war were always changing and shifting to better fit the situation. First it was a war against terrorism, which told America that Iraq was somehow involved with the attack on September 11, 2001. Next, America was told that Iraq had nuclear and chemical weapons and was ready to use them against us. Suddenly, the blanketed term, “weapons of mass destruction” was used, and a countrywide search began for anything that might be deemed as a weapon of mass destruction. None were found, but America invaded anyway, seeking Saddam out and hunting him down. That’s the skinny of it.

Americans were sent into battle, and fed lines that they were bringers of freedom and liberty to a country that knows no such concept. Unfortunately, it was also a country that doesn’t want such concepts and wants Americans walking in their lands armed with rifles even less. The Americans were sent across, many of which being ‘weekend warriors’ that were pulled from the reserves, and sent into the thick of combat. Many died, and America mourned their loss. I mourned their loss.

On November 2nd, America voted for a president, and decided to stick with the same guy who led them into war. Even though I do not support Bush, I respect the fact my country elected him and respect the fact he now leads America for 4 more years. Even with all the complaints and protests against his decisions, from both republicans and democrats, he was re-elected president, with even more power then before. Republicans gained the majority in both the house, and the senate.

Americans have chosen a president who put their sons and daughters in harm’s way, and expect me to cry for their loss? As I mentioned to the acquaintance, it is unfortunate when anyone dies, but look at Kurt Kobane. He blew his own head off, and although I think it’s sad he went and killed himself, it affects me personally in no way, shape or form. After all, Kurt shot himself, right? It’s just like the Americans who signed up to fight, then re-elected the guy who put them out there in the first place.

Now I’m not a total asshole, for I know that thanks to Bush’s assistance in domestic affairs, which consist of hundreds of thousands of jobs lost across America, as well as the gradual decline of schooling and health care, many people were forced into the military as a last hope. A few friends of mine joined because they didn’t have money for school, or simply had no idea what they wanted out of life. They used the military as a springboard in hopes of boosting their own standings in the world.

An interesting counter-point did come to mind though. I proudly claim that I wish to join the ranks of America’s true heroes: local law enforcement. I put myself in another’s shoes and this little comment came to mind. “So if you were killed in the line of duty Gabe, as a police officer, I have no right to mourn for you because you knew what you were getting yourself into.” Hey, it is following my line of logic after all, right?

Nope. Military and Law Enforcement are opposite ends of the spectrum here. Firstly, those who think that America’s military are ‘the World Police” are sadly mistaken. The armed services are simply a measure of protection against the rest of the world, where other nations hate simply because they can. They have no sense of ‘American Morality” and do what they wish. I’m not saying countries like Japan and England are barbarians running around, chopping the heads off of women, but they have their own system of beliefs, laws and morals. The military are protectors of the country they represent, and if the need arrives, is sent out into the world to ensure it’s protection (that is, if you believe the theory that America sent troops into Iraq to prevent them from attacking us again. I thought Osama was an Afghani though. Humm).

Anyway, I asked my acquaintance one more question which either stumped him, or wasn’t relevant in his attempt to back me into a corner. I asked, “Why do you believe we’re in Iraq? Is it for Oil? To fight against terrorism? Or to free a country from the grasp of a dictator?” Some say all three, while others say none of the above. I spoke with my aunt’s boyfriend (who I refer to as an uncle) and he stumped me momentarily with this line of reasoning. “We need the oil because America is dependant upon it. Isn’t it worth fighting such a primitive country to attain their oil to fuel our way of life?”

It’s a pretty asinine view, but respectable nonetheless. He’s a republican, and feels that we need the oil for our way of life. He doesn’t believe in the hype of ‘anti-terror’ and ‘toppling a dictator’ but rather a war for a precious commodity. I respect his honesty, and ended the discussion, for it is pointless to argue with one’s morality. We can argue all night long about gays not having rights, and how it is unfair that a fellow human being is denied basic rights, but how do you argue with someone who can look at a homosexual and ask “Is he a human in the first place?”

What is also amazing to me, is the amount of ‘red(republican) states’ and where they are located on a map. These very rural, very southern states voted for Bush, in hopes that terror is fought, gays are punished and social expectations are reached. Meanwhile, New York, a state that has a high gay population, (like California who also voted Kerry), and was the victim of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, still turned away from Bush and voted for someone else to protect them, not from crashing planes or non-existent weapons, but from the web of lies and other media filled showcases. Again, I ask any who wish to reply to my rant, why do you believe America is in Iraq?

America’s military, for the time being, is all enlistment based. You willingly find a recruiter, sign all the paperwork, and head out to the designated training area to begin your career as a service man or woman. To those who are gun-ho military types, you should not complain about your job. You signed up to fight, and if necessary, die for your country. I refuse to enlist because I am not willing to die for something I do not believe in. Do I believe in freedom? Yes, but oddly, as an American citizen, I am not free to say certain words, listen to certain music, play certain video games, drink alcohol until I am a certain age, and am even limited to what I can do to myself. As much as I am against drugs, why can’t I take them? They harm me, they kill me, yet why am I not free to end my own life if I so choose? Are people afraid of ‘too much’ freedom? Are we like little robots that need to be guided in a direction?

I’m proud that America has unified itself under a strong leader who has a specific view of how the country should be run.
After all, it worked for Hitler.

Give me liberty . . .
Well it seems tomorrow is election day, and here I sit in wondering yet again, why do we continually lie to ourselves in hopes that our collective opinions actually count for something as one nation. I’ll need to state once again I am neither a Democrat, or a Republican, and neither a Conservative or a Liberal simply because such broad terms overlook the little points I see in each view as well as fail to touch upon what I believe. Unlike previous LiveJournal updates however, this one has nothing to do what I believe, and is what we as a country are forced to believe.

Vote! It’s funny to think how we are fooled into believing our votes actually count for anything. If 150 people from 2 states vote, and from State ‘A’, where the population is 100, and 51 people vote for Bush, then due to some ‘electoral’ college, Bush wins the state and earns 10 Points. Meanwhile, in State B, (population 50), Bush only gets 10 votes, and Kerry wins a whopping 40, he only gets some 5 electoral votes. Bush has 61 votes, Kerry has 89, and yet he’s still loosing.

Of course, this is a simplified version of how it works, but the point is still the same. What is even more amazing is how people can boldly claim America is a democracy, when our elected leader (who didn’t even win by popular vote) decides to lie to his country in order to boost his ratings, and lead his country into a money war. You Die Hard Bush fans out there, listen up, I have a simple question for you all, and just want to see if this scenario can possibly be true.

Lets say, back in 2000, when Bush was elected, he met with some of his Middle Eastern buddies, and assisted in staging the attacks on the Twin Towers. I know you are already screaming, “That’s Absurd!” but bear with me here. Keep this one word in your head; “Motive”. By not having an attack on America, he would be forced to lead the country on a Domestic front, battling seriously tough issues and finding way to balance the budget and the like. Meanwhile, with a distraction like 9/11, would it be easier to for him to not only lead his country in the Military style he’s familiar with, but also make some money on the side with such oil companies and the like? Again, think Motive. I’m not saying he DID do such things, but I’m asking, is it in the realm of possibility?

Of course, I also place this line of thinking in the blame of my government. We’ve become so jaded to news and gullible at the same time, we are willing to believe anything one moment, and question everything to ridiculous amounts the next. I believe Bush is a stupid stupid little man, but hardly capable of selling us out and killing thousands of innocents to get his little way.

But again, it IS in the realm of possibility, and so, I refuse to rule it out of the equation.

So, tomorrow we as a nation go out and vote, and place a cry for help, to either Bush from Kerry’s inconsistent babbling, or Kerry from Bush’s blatant lies, while half of us get swept away in the pool of ‘missing ballots’, ‘false addresses’ and my personal favorite, ‘Florida’ idiots(Florida is a loose term, for I feel Wisconsin will be subjected to such a degree of idiocy this year).

Democracy has failed us all. We entrust voting to people unable to balance their own check books, and wonder why when we’re fucked from behind by our government, they weren’t even kind enough to give us a reach-around. 2 party system? Bullshit. Electoral College? Bullshit. House of Representatives? Utter Bullshit. Senate? Bullshit. Commander in Chief of America’s Army, as a nation’s leader? Bullshit.

For those of you who do vote Bush though, I need to tell you this.

“Don’t draft ME into YOUR war.”

Give me Liberty, or give me Death.

Better late then never?
This little journal update is not only a bit on the edgy side, but nearly a month late. I began writing this on Sept. 7th, and constantly changed the text within to assist in making my case, without looking like a complete asshole. So I need to first say that this is most likely chalked up to Pre-Wedding Jitters, as well as having far too much time to think. Anyway, on with the show.
I decided to download 2 the Ranting Gryphon’s last rant about marriage. The first 30 seconds of the rant, I was really digging points, for I firmly believe that gays and lesbians should have the same basic rights when it comes to saying ‘I do’. But then, I couldn’t help but stop and think, “What’s the fuckin’ point, 2?”
I understand that his rant was dealing with unfairness, and how people are denying other people a notion that should be allowed to every human. Mine views however, deal with the silliness of such notion in general.
Have weddings lost their meaning and appeal over the years? Statistics say (if you believe them), that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Again, you say this is a topic of equal rights, right? Maybe not.
I am no scholar of history, but of what I know, weddings held an entirely different meaning then what they represent today. You would have to be fooling yourself if you honestly believe that the concept of ‘Marriage’ was originally a mutually beneficial agreement for two equal partners. Hell, up until recent history, women weren’t even seen as human beings. So people married for land, for fortune and for fame. Of course the silly notion of ‘love’ sometimes crept into the grand scheme of things, but hey, it’s not like anyone can just live with someone and eventually fall into love with them. No, never, no way. . .
Is society trailing behind? Well, as long as there were humans, there was at least one gay person in the crowd. It’s now 2004, and the idea of homosexuality is really just beginning to be tolerated. Yeah, it still catches flack, but at least they’re not being burned at the stake. Or hanged.
Question is, is Marriage also trailing behind? To me, I think so. Women have exerted a type of freedom not seen in the likes of history. They work as hard or harder then men, stand financially on their own, and yes, even develop a sex drive stronger then your usual horny male. Both sexes have begun to push the envelope when it comes to sexual fantasies, desires, and the want to be with multiple people, even in a non-sexual way. Marriage claims itself as a union between a Woman and a Man, but that, of course, is using the bullshit religious view of the world. If we try to shift it to a political angle, then it’s the union between two people.
Why do we need a piece of paper saying this? What importance does it have? Why can’t two people who love each other live together without fear of having to kiss the ass of their government or religious leader in hopes of obtaining such a useless little piece of document anyway?
But I digress.
There really isn’t an easy way to explain how I feel on the topic. I do love my fiancée very much, but it almost scares me to know that she’ll be the only person I ‘technically’ can ever love. I’ve grown close to many people in my life, but according to these rules and laws, I am forced to choose only one person to spend my time with.
It also doesn’t help the fact that the woman I do love, comes from a very classical school of thought, where one grows up, finds a nice boy, marries him, has a nice house with a little white picket fence, and has babies. Of course, she claims herself as a feminist and a ‘woman of power’ and the like, but when it comes down to it, I could see her following a protest group, rather then ever starting one.
I understand women are biologically tuned to want to rear children, and raise a family. Men are biologically tuned to. . well . . Hump things to pass their DNA along. Now, the pleasures of sex are shared by both sexes, with little to no chance of bearing a child as well as transmitting a disease, EVEN if one partner is infected.
Have we as a society stayed away from the concept of marriage, where the union between two people have lost it’s meaning, or has the concept of marriage grown outdated, where people are exploring more sides of themselves, and gain a small amount of self greed to explore their feelings while sharing it with others? Is the male sex drive an un-evolved drive that strays away from the concept of monogamy, or is the female desire to be with one person slow to evolve into the polygamous state that humans today have come to explore and share?

I’m not sure which is true, but I do know that Humans were capable of thought, long before their foreheads stopped sloping. It is, as they say, a mind over matter.

MeMe Questions!
1.) What is your favorite book?
I'll admit at times I can be a fickle person, and often times my taste in literature changes quite wildly. However, I would have to say I've been horrably addicted to stuff by Terry Pratchett, namely the book "Night Watch", which takes place in his Diskworld series. It's a book about a 'Watchman' who gets sucked back in time, thanks to some monks and a freak eletrical storm, while chasing a dangerous criminal. They both go back in time to when the 'Watchman" Commander Vimes was just a boy, learning the ropes of policework. The story then, revolves around the diffrence between being a Military Man, and a Police Man, when the City takes up arms against the military, and the police assist the civilans. The end actually brought a little tear to my eye.

2.) What is the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen on the Internet?
There used to be a site that had some distrbing videos and pictures of grusome accidents. It was based off of 'Faces of Death', but I distinctly remember a video of this kid going to cross a street, when he's clipped by a passing bus, nearly sawing half of his face off. That Squicked me out something awful.

3.) When in your life were you the most angry at someone and what did they do to upset you?
This question has me stumped. In the past, and even a bit now a days, I tend not to get angry with people in the manner of holding a grudge, but just angry to the point where I'll make my claim, hear the refute, and just let things slip away. In the past I used to get into fist fights to resolve everything, and now a days I'll just yell and scream, and then just let things drop and not dwell on it. Even with the case between Steve and Chris, I yelled a lot, and when it was over, just shrugged and went on my way. I still don't hold a grudge nor do I want to. I get mad often, and sometimes heatedly, but it never lasts. So, on that note, I would have to say a few years ago, with my old D&D gaming group, when an argument broke out over something I can't remember to this day. I remember getting angry, hot headed, and saying a few things that pissed off a fair amount of people. Even to this day, 4 of the guys arn't talking to me. Oi, I need to learn to keep my yap shut.

4.) Of all the times in your life that someone tried to get you to do something that you didn’t want to do, what was the one thing for which you were the thankful after the fact?
Oddly, it was getting engaged. I remember going to the mall, in hopes of getting a new cell-phone for Kota's Ma. Next thing I knew, I was at a jewelery store, with Kota over my shoulder pointing to a ring, tellin me she wanted that one. Applied for a credit card then and there, and by the end of the day, had the ring. I think my own fear of marrage and it's back ass-wards meanings scared me at first, where I probably wouldn't have proposed if I wasn't nudged in the direction. Now, I'm glad I was nudged, cause I'm quite happy with my decision.

5.) If at some point in your life you ended up having a son, what lesson would you most want him to learn from you before moving away from home?
Probably the most basic of lessons anyone can teach their child. Be proud of who you are. Weather you are a sportsfan, a geek like myself, gay, someone who likes Nascar *gags*, or even physically disabled, make the best of yourself by doing what you enjoy. It's your life and you only get one shot at it. Make it count.

Now, the meme instructions:

1 -- Leave a comment here saying you want to be interviewed.
2 -- I'll ask you five questions.
3 -- You'll update YOUR journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 -- You'll include this explanation.

Criminal Mishaps
Well now, here's an interesting little story for me to shate with everyone.

First, some background information. My Father is a Detective for the Chicago Police Department, who usually works a late 2nd shift. He works downtown, and maybe once every 2 months or so, while working, he'll drive the 20 minutes from downtown, to the house, foraging for dinner of some sorts.

At about 9:30ish, my little sister, who is 18 years old, went walkin the 3 blocks for some Dunkin Donuts and some coffee. On the way back, she was pushed over by some dude, and had her purse snatched(She's ok, just shaken up). Anyway, rather then panicing, she pulled our her cell-phone, which she luckily keeps in her back pocket, and called home, telling my mother she was just mugged.

Meanwhile, my father just so happened to be at home on those rare occasions when he looks for food, when he heard his daughter was mugged. He flew out the door, and in a matter of moments, had the entire 8th district police department looking for the guy.

They found him within 30 minutes, as well as the disguarded purse in a trashcan.

Some people say the police are lazy, others say that they only look out for their own kind. thankfully, my sister, who was a victim, was able to keep her wits about her and relay all the information that was needed for a swift capture. Police can not do their job if assistance isn't there.

So, to all you coppers out there, keep up the good work! Thank you, from the bottom of my Fuzzy little heart.


Random Thought.
So I was at work today, thinking about my job and how even an idiot can do it. Then I was thinking about Kota and all the school crap she has to do. I came to this conclusion.

"It doesn't take a degree to sit on your ass all day, but oddly, it takes sitting on your ass to get a degree."

Well, to any students out there, Keep on studying!


My Trading Card!

Trading Cards
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He's a foxen. From the tips of his ears, the black fur soon fades into a ruddy orange which continues to spread across his entire body. His belly however, is covered in a soft white pelt, which starts from under his muzzle and fades away just past his biceps as well as his inner thighs. Like all foxes, from finger tips to elbows and toe tips to knees, thicker black fur grows, giving him the appearance of wearing boots and gloves.
Strengths: Dexterous, Light footed, Witty, Accurate with projectile weaponry, Humerous and Friendly.
Weaknesses: Short Tempered, Physically thin and weak, Relies soley on speed and agility, and doesn't trust easily.
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Basketbol Americano?
America as a whole, seemingly adopted the whole hip-hop scene, where as not more then 10 years ago, it was seen as an overly aggressive act against white yuppies and ‘da man’ (who I’ve still not met yet), as well as keepin’ it real, in the real world, yo (word to your mother).

12 years ago, the “Dream Team” for the Olympics, which consisted of basketball greats like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Charls Barkley, Scottie Pippen and so forth, proudly stood up to the challenge of bringing gold home to the United States in a game the country practically invented (yes, there’s ancient forms of basketball which require stuffing your enemy’s head into a wicker basket, but ya’ll catch my drift).

Since I’m from Chicago, I’m just going to use Jordan as an example for my point here. “Air” Jordan is well known for his ability to quite literally soar over people’s heads, and stuff a basketball from as far back as the free-throw line. What people also forget, that he was an all-round gold metal athlete, capable of shooting 3 pointers, lay-ups, and his infamous fade away jump shot (along with his cocky little grin with a shrug). His defensive skills were also honed to perfection, stealing, stripping, blocking shots and even getting in the thick of things and snatching rebounds. Regardless of his endorsements, his martial issues, and gambling addiction, in the history books and forever in people’s minds, he was one of the greatest players to have ever played the game.

12 years later, a new American team steps up, consisting of individual superstars looking for the mad “bling bling”, while posing in mid air for the next chance to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The idea of “teamwork” fell away into a competitive game not against the other team looking to kick you out of the playoffs or even the Olympic metal run, but against your own teammates who are trying to take risky shots, show boat slam dunks, and flashy passes (no matter how off mark they are) to become all that, and a bag of chips.

The Dream Team that was America is now clinging onto a position for a bronze metal in a game they dominated for years.

Fundamentals have been forgotten. Passing and shooting and even team defense has gone to the way side, as American Basketball players play man to man, and not because of “American Rules”, but rather of American Ego. Bigger Dunks, Higher Jumps, More Hang time . . . and fewer Olympic Meals.

Do the Olympics mean anything to America anymore? Are we just going to tune the rest of the world out and play our own style of game because we believe we’re better then everyone else?

I wonder if this notion has spilled into America’s youth. Yeah, I’m only 21 years old myself, but I wonder if some 15 year old is playing in school park, working on dunking and trash talking, rather then focus on shooting from anywhere on the court, and learning the art of passing, dribbling and team defense.

Back in the day, Jordan was a hero, but was not so without Pippen. Malone had Stockton, and Ewing had… um, I can’t remember. Ewing played for New York, and as I mentioned, I’m from Chicago. ;-)

Today, we have Shaq, who is mountain of a man, but bricks nearly as hard as that mountain. I’m not saying being famous is a bad thing, but I personally would like to be remembered like Jordan, for my ability to out-shoot, out-play and out-score anyone who crossed my path, rather then be known for jumping around like a monkey, breaking the rim from sheer body weight (it wasn’t strength that broke the rim after all, Shaq is a fatass) and shoot free-throws like a 6 year old girl with epilepsy.

Then again, that 6 year old stands a better chance winning a gold metal.